Apprentice final: Tough task as Joseph and Vana vie for Lord Sugar's investment

Just one task stands between the final two Apprentice candidates and Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment - but bad decision and blundering former colleagues will make it their toughest so far.

Lord Sugar gives Joseph Valente and Vana Koutsomitis just a few days to bring their business plans to life: to create a brand, TV advert and digital billboard campaign before pitching to a packed audience of industry experts at London's City Hall.

Old faces return to help them with the challenge, but there is trouble from the off for Joseph and his plumbing business as he picks his favourite former colleagues rather than the brightest business brains.

The bad start continues as advice from market leaders goes unheeded and it all goes up the spout on the set of his cheesy TV advert, but could an eleventh-hour change of tactic save their sinking ship?

For Vana and her "gamified" dating app, two axed candidates prove exactly why they did not last the process when given the simple tasks of finding out costings and conducting small-scale market research.

With time running out, she has a tough fight on her hands to prove the numbers add up and must decide whether to risk confronting her funding problem head on with her potential future business partner.

On launch day, the two finalists must present their plans to Lord Sugar and 200 leading experts. But will nerves get the better of them as they deliver the most important pitch of their lives?

With business plan evaluated and advertising campaigns assessed, the candidates have one final visit to the boardroom to convince Lord Sugar to invest in them.

Will Lord Sugar take a gamble on broken boilers or broken hearts? It's the closest call yet as he decides which candidate will hear those longed-for words, "You're hired."