David Cameron fails to win over Polish PM in his bid to reform EU welfare rules


David Cameron has failed to win over his Polish counterpart in his bid to reform welfare rules in the European Union following late night talks in Warsaw.

The Prime Minister described the discussions with Beata Szydlo as "excellent" and said they had agreed to work together to find a solution on the thorny issue of when migrants can claim benefits.

But the Polish prime minister told reporters she did not "see eye to eye" with Mr Cameron on the proposals.

In a press conference in the Polish capital, Mr Cameron said: "The challenge is the scale of the vast movement of people we have seen across Europe over the last decade and the pressure that that can put on public services.

"That is the problem we need to address and I believe with the type of political will I have seen here in Poland we can find a way.

"I want Britain to stay in a reformed European Union and the prime minister has made clear that Poland wants Britain to remain in the EU."