Wonky Christmas tree to be taken down over safety fears

A Christmas tree that leans "more than the tower in Pisa" is to be taken down over safety fears.

The 35 foot tree in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, has been left with a slant following severe winds and will be removed today.

The authority has warned residents it may prove "very difficult" to source a new tree before Christmas.

Broxtowe Borough Council said supports which hold the tree in place have been removed twice.

Strong winds over recent weeks have left the tree at an angle and council staff have now deemed it to be a risk.

A statement from the authority said: "It is with a heavy heart that the council will have to take down the Christmas tree in Beeston Square.

"Sadly, someone has removed its supports on two separate occasions which have left it damaged in the ongoing strong winds and it now poses a potential safety risk to members of the public, particularly with the severe weather warnings in place for the weekend.

"The council will endeavour to secure another tree, but understandably this is very difficult at this busy time of year."

Residents visiting the town centre have said the wonky tree needs to be righted or replaced.

Adam Guest, 20, from nearby Chilwell, said: "I've seen people look up at it and they're practically laughing at it because it's so slanted.

"From one angle it does look like it's leaning more than the tower in Pisa.

"It just looks a bit tragic really - the council ought to get a new one or straighten it up."

Steven McCormack, 42, from Beeston, added: "It would be sad if they couldn't get a new tree in time for Christmas."