75% of Labour members 'oppose RAF strikes in Syria'


Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to order his MPs to vote against air strikes on Islamic State (IS) in Syria after a survey of members indicated overwhelming opposition to extending the UK's bombing campaign. 

One of Mr Corbyn's closest allies in the shadow cabinet urged him to "show leadership" by imposing a whip on Labour MPs after the survey indicated 75% of grassroots members opposed RAF strikes in Syria.

Ahead of a potentially explosive meeting of the shadow cabinet, Diane Abbott said "the party as a whole" is opposed to the bombing and "looking to Jeremy to show leadership".

A survey ordered by Mr Corbyn received 107,875 responses, of which 64,771 were confirmed as full individual Labour Party members.

An initial analysis of 1,900 responses showed 75% opposed to bombing, 13% in favour of the air strikes and 11% undecided.