Harry Styles not aware of speculation Perfect refers to Taylor Swift


Harry Styles has said he is not aware of speculation that One Direction's new track Perfect is about his ex Taylor Swift.

Styles joined band-mates Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne to discuss the song on The Jonathan Ross Show.

He said: "I didn't know that was the speculation. I think everyone writes from personal experience and I think you draw from lots of different things and songs aren't always necessarily about what people may take them to be about, sometimes they are."

Tomlinson added: "The point of that song is often when we do meet people it is quite hectic and it is quite chaotic, so it was kind of putting that into a song."

The foursome are set to take a break from the band - a hiatus Payne revealed on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge could last two years.

Asked by Ross how long the break would be, Styles replied: "I don't know, I think we've got the album coming out and stuff and obviously we just finished the tour, so we have a lot of work that we're still focussing on and then I think the point of the break is that it's going to be a break and we're going to have some time off with no pressure."

Zayn Malik, who quit the band earlier this year and has since announced he is pursuing a solo career, also came up during the interview, with Ross asking who had been closest to him.

Tomlinson said: "I think when we were in the band, yeah probably, maybe that was me.

"I think we all kind of noticed that he wasn't thoroughly enjoying it and we were, and you know it can be an intense job at times and I think it got a little bit too much for him and he wanted to be in a different place, and that's fair enough and he's got his own way now so fair dos."

The band also shared the home comforts they long for while on tour, with Payne saying he misses "having your own fridge".

Tomlinson said he "likes to play football when he gets home", while Styles apparently mixed-up his words and said: "I think it's probably sleeping in different beds, it's nice when you're at home for a while."

:: The Jonathan Ross Show airs on ITV1 at 10.40pm.