G20 leaders agree 'important steps' in terror fight - David Cameron

Cameron and Putin Meet in Turkey at the G20 Summit

World leaders have agreed "important steps" to cut off terrorist financing and tackle extremist ideologies in the wake of the Paris attacks, David Cameron has said.

At a press conference at the G20 summit in Turkey, the Prime Minister said the atrocities in the French capital had "underlined the threat we all face to our values and our way of life".

The countries had signed up to measures to bolster protection against the "threat of foreign fighters, by sharing intelligence and stopping them travelling", as well as strengthening aviation security.

Mr Cameron said he had used talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to urge him "to work with the international community and support a transition in Syria away from" President Bashar Assad.

Britain will co-host a donors' conference in London next year to raise "significant new funding" to address the crisis in Syria, he added.