War veteran distraught after losing service medals


A war veteran who suffers from dementia is distraught after losing his service medals after a Remembrance Service event.

Peter Bennett, who was in the SAS, visited London for the opening of the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on Thursday, when Prince Harry and the Duke of Edinburgh paid tribute to Britain's fallen soldiers.

But his daughter, Giulia Bennett, appealed for help on Facebook after her father lost his beret and medals.

She wrote: "Sadly, he has dementia and lost everything (his blue overcoat and green suit bag) when he visited London for the remembrance service at Westminster Abbey.

"It is very upsetting. He keeps asking for them."

Mr Bennett stayed at the Victory Services Club overnight before leaving the capital from King's Cross to return to Grantham at 6pm on Friday, Ms Bennett said.

She added: "He could have lost his coat anywhere (SAS club or anywhere else he went). His bag in a taxi, King's Cross or on the train home.

"I have been to the usual places to ask so hoping there is some kind people in London."

The Queen led the nation in honouring members of the armed forces killed in conflict today as Remembrance Sunday services took place around the country.

She was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, other senior royals and political leaders at the Cenotaph in central London.