John Lewis Christmas advert racks up 5.9 million online views in 24 hours

Within a day of being released the John Lewis Christmas advert had racked up almost six million views online.

The full two-minute ad, featuring the story of a young girl named Lily striking up a connection with an elderly man living alone on the moon, had been watched around 5.9 million within the first 24 hours of it appearing on YouTube.

A number of other big-name brands and retailers also launched their Christmas campaigns, but did not attract anywhere near the same number of views.

Aldi's offering, which is set to My Favourite Things from The Sound Of Music, recorded by up-and-coming British artist Jade Williams, was watched just under 7,000 times in the 14 hours since it was uploaded.

Boots' advert had been viewed more than 113,500 times since it was put on YouTube on November 5, while Cadbury's effort was watched by just under 9,000 people in the first day it was online.

The chocolate giant's advert is based around 24 of its trucks in the shape of an advent calendar.