Peaceful start to anti-capitalist Million Mask March in London


There was a largely peaceful start to the Million Mask March in central London, as anti-capitalist protesters took their message to the capital.

Wearing the trademark Guido masks synonymous with the Anonymous hacking group, campaigners of all ages chanted in small groups under the watchful eye of the Metropolitan Police.

Extra officers were brought in to deal with the march, which began at Trafalgar Square before winding down towards Whitehall.

Many carried placards bearing the message "One solution: Revolution", although other pockets screamed "Whose streets? Our streets" as confused tourists looked on and took pictures.

One musician, who gave her name as Lola, said she had travelled from Hull to the capital to speak up for others.

She said: "There are people who aren't represented, they should be here. I am the people.

"I said I was coming down here and people said OK. But they deny it. They don't want to face the truth.

"They are brainwashed and they fill their body with dead energy.

"The media twist it. We are peaceful, we are doing this in a peaceful manner, but the media focus on the 1% who cause trouble."

Another self-proclaimed anarchist, Aztecarna Peatonito from Mexico, said he wanted a peaceful way of spreading a message against inequality.

He said: "We tried for six years to get the press to take us seriously. It is only when we wore the masks that we started getting attention.

"Anyone who is violent is not with us."