Check lights and be extra vigilant after clocks go back, drivers urged

Monday could be one of the most dangerous days of the year on the road as millions of motorists return to driving in the dark after the clocks are turned back, a study has shown.

Research conducted after the end of British Summer Time last year found that more than one in 10 (10.1%) vehicles in the UK have a fault with their lights which could increase the risk of an accident.

The investigation by Halfords found that 218 out of 2,147 vehicles checked at busy junctions between 7.30-9pm should not have been on the road due to the state of their lights.

It is feared that the darker nights combined with defective car bulbs mean motorists will face poorer visibility on the roads on Monday.

Halfords' car bulb expert Paul Tomlinson said: "At this time of year poor visibility is common on the roads and with the clocks going back it's even more crucial that drivers are extra vigilant and do their best to see and be seen.

"Driving with defective lights can be risky. Poor lighting and defective car bulbs can make judging gaps and overtaking a real hazard. Broken brake lights can give drivers behind less time to react."