Man holding cat leaps between boats during sea rescue

Daring leap in high seas south of Alaska

WATCH: Man Holding Cat Leaps Between Boats During Sea Rescue
A Frenchman with his cat tucked inside his clothing made a daring leap when he jumped to a waiting rescue ship from his sailboat, which was being battered by high seas south of Alaska.

The US Coast Guard captured the dramatic video from a C-130 Hercules airplane monitoring the rescue.

The footage shows Manu Wattecamps clinging to the rigging pole at the bow of his stricken boat, riding wave after wave a few feet from the hull of the rescue ship.

Seconds later, it shows him leaping over the railing of the oil rig support ship as his yacht rocked sideways in the high seas.

However what can't be seen is the fact that Mr Wattecamps - from Brittany, France - was carrying his pet cat under his jacket as he performed the leap.

After the impressive feat he is filmed standing up as a member of the rescue crew approaches.

'I feel like a footballer who just lost a leg'

Mr Wattecamps, who was sailing from Dutch Harbour to San Diego when his vessel was hit by a huge wave, told friends on Facebook that his beloved boat was "lost".

"Now I'm a captain without a ship," he said. "I have got nothing, my whole life was on my boat. I feel like a footballer who just lost a leg. Useless and without purpose."

He didn't mention that at least he still has his cat - who thankfully was unharmed during the incident, the Daily Mail reports.