Bear shot dead after escaping Russian shopping mall

Russian Authorities Kill Bear That Got Trapped In A Mall
There was a sad end for a wild bear that went on a rampage through a Russian shopping mall.

The brown bear managed to escape by pushing through the shopping centre's doors, but it was eventually cornered in a nearby playground and shot dead by police.

CCTV footage shows the brown bear roaming through the mall in the far eastern Russian city of Khabarovsk, smashing shop fronts, pushing open a door and running through the streets as onlookers scream.

Video then captures the sound of gunshot as the frantic animal is cornered in the playground of a nursery and killed by police.

Outrage from animal rights campaigners

CCTV captured the bear charging through the empty mall after it had closed for the night. Seconds later it can be seen standing up on its back legs to crash through the doors and escape in to the city.

'Without waiting for the veterinary service to arrive the bear was killed in order to avoid any attacks against local residents,' the city's investigative committee said in a statement.

But the killing of the bear sparked outrage from Russian animal rights campaigners and pushed investigators to probe police over the slaying, the Daily Mail reports.

A local television report said the bear was between two and three years old, making it a teenager in bear years.

Foraging bears regularly make incursions into villages and towns in Russia. Last month officials in Siberia said hungry brown bears were terrorising villagers as drought and wildfires forced the animals to search for food closer to built-up areas.
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