Top 10 insane royal rulers in history

Paranoid, vicious, perverted and murderous

Top 10 Insane Rulers in History
These real-life rulers of nations have gone down in history as being straight up psychotic. They are some of the most violent and sadistic royal rulers in history.

10. Farouk I of Egypt 1920-65: The gluttonous last royal leader of Egypt once stole Winston Churchill's watch and is said to have shot dead two lions in their cage.

9. Ivan IV of Russia 1530-1584: Ivan the Terrible waged a 40-year war on his own people, killing thousands including his own son.

8. Ibrahim of the Ottoman Empire 1615-1648: The volatile leader, who became known as 'Ibrahim the Mad', is said to have drowned hundreds of his concubines.

7. Henry VIII of England 1491-1547: The bloated, egotistical king nearly bankrupted England, married six times and had numerous affairs and illegitimate children. He executed two of his own wives.

6. Zhu Houzhao of China 1491-1521: A life of luxury and womanising was topped off by burning down his own palace.

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5. Charles VI of France 1368-1422: Known as 'Charles the Mad', he killed his own knights and kicked Jews out of his kingdom.

4. Joanna of Castile 1479-1555: Queen of Castile and Aragon, which now forms modern Spain, she suffered from intense paranoia and earned the name 'Joanna the Mad'.

3. Nero of the Roman Empire 37-68: Suspected of burning down Rome, he is said to have burned Christians alive, enjoyed mass executions and killed his own mother and one of his wives.

2. Caligula of the Roman Empire 12-41: Sexually perverted and viscously cruel, he murdered various members of his own family while building luxurious dwellings for himself.

1. Vlad III of Wallachia 1431-1476: In charge of an area of Rumania, the vicious leader became known as 'Vlad the Impaler' for skewering Ottoman soldiers on wooden pikes. His notoriety served as inspiration for the character Dracula.