Palestinian shot in the leg at point blank range as violence escalates

Three killed over the weekend in Israel and Palestinian territories

Israel Escalates Punitive Measures Against Palestinians in Jerusalem
A renewed surge in violence between Israelis and Palestinians is reaching boiling point, with Jerusalem's mayor now urging Israelis to carry firearms at all times to combat 'terrorists'.

The violence began to escalate after an Israeli couple were shot and killed in the West Bank on October 1 - this then sparked more violence and killings on both sides.

On October 7 a video was taken showing an unarmed Palestinian protester being shot in the leg at point blank range by an undercover Israeli soldier during clashes near the Israeli settlement of Beit El, near Ramallah.

The video was taken as about half a dozen undercover operatives, dressed as Palestinians, were mingling with a large group of protesters who are seen throwing stones at Israeli soldiers standing guard outside the settlement.

Wider escalation of violence

Over the weekend, The Guardian reported a pregnant woman and her young daughter were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza while a 13-year-old boy was shot dead in clashes in the West Bank.

The total number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of October now stands at 24. He is also the third 13-year-old to be shot dead by Israeli forces in the same period.

After days of unrest in the West Bank and Israel, Gaza has been drawn into the violence since last Friday, with clashes along the border leaving nine Palestinians dead from Israeli fire.

Four Israelis were stabbed on Sunday night near Hadera in northern Israel. The suspect was apprehended by Israeli police and is a 20-year-old Palestinian citizen of Israel.