Top 10 jobs most likely to be replaced by robots

Be prepared for the automation of life as we know it

Top 10 Jobs Most Likely to Be Replaced by Robots

These are the jobs most likely to be performed by robots in the future.

10. Bank clerk: More and more of us are now doing our banking online using our computers and apps. In the very near future these technologies will allow us to do everything a bank clerk can do without leaving our house.

9. Bartender: Robot bartenders will be able to make any drink, including cocktails, that you'll order on a tablet.

8. Construction worker: The technology to replace humans is already being created in the form of small 'termite builders', that can already build small-scale structures.

7. Post office worker: Drones are predicted to deliver packages in the near future and sorting mail is expected to be completely automated.

6. Accountant: Younger generations are now turning to 'robo advisors' for their financial needs which can crunch data and then give advice with little to no human interaction on the web.

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5. Surgeons: Robotic surgeons are the way of the future. Robotics offer superior visualisation, dexterity and operative efficiency. A robot is already is the market that can perform hair transplants.

4. Fast food employees: A recent paper by Oxford University said there was a 92 per cent chance that the ordering and preparation of fast food will become entirely automated.

3. Security guard: A test robot is already patrolling Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus. It has night vision and thermal imaging.

2. Soldiers: Robots are currently being used in Afghanistan and Pakistan in drone warfare and bomb disposal, and cyborg human-like soldiers are already being developed.

1. Drivers. App-based taxi company Uber has said that it will be replacing its drivers with self-driving cars at some point in the future.

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