Microsoft unveils first-ever laptop, Surface Pro 4 and three new Lumia phones


Microsoft has unveiled a host of next-generation products including its first-ever laptop and the Surface Pro 4.

A packed launch event in New York saw the tech giants announce three Lumia smartphones and the new Microsoft Band as well as presenting a demo for hologram technology Microsoft Hololens.

The Microsoft Surface Book was revealed as a competitor to Apple's Macbook Pro, claiming to be the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made - two-times faster than its Macbook rival.

It will have a six-million pixel screen, which is detachable from the keyboard, 12 hours of battery life and will be available in the United States from $1,499 (£984) in October.

Microsoft's latest tablet, the Surface Pro 4, will also be launched in October and is reportedly 50% faster than Apple's Macbook Air.

The tablet, which will sell for $899 (£590), has the thinnest glass ever used on a tablet, a five-million pixel screen and a smartpen - complete with an eraser - which allows users to write on it.

The latest offerings in the Lumia series, Lumia 950 and 950 XL, were announced, boasting 4K video shooting, a 20 megapixel camera and the Windows Hello facial-recognition software.

They will be available from the end of the year for $549 (£360).

Also announced was Microsoft's first low-cost smartphone, Lumia 550, which will be released at the same time for $139 (£90).

UK sale prices have not yet been announced.

All of the devices will feature Windows 10, the latest Microsoft operating system, that is now used on 110 million devices worldwide, according to executive vice president Terry Myerson.

Holograms of zombies at one point invaded the stage during a demonstration of the Microsoft Hololens, which can turn the user's surroundings into an interactive game.

Wearing the virtual-reality headset could allow gamers to see themselves holding holograms - such as weapons - and interacting with graphics as they appear.

Details of Microsoft's latest smartwatch, Band 2, were also brought to light, including a curved screen designed for extra comfort.

Commercial partners such as Uber were announced for the watch, allowing users to use the app from their wrist.

It will also have a number of features to help monitor exercise, including the addition of an 11th sensor, a barometer, allowing it to judge altitude changes.

Microsoft Band's Lindsey Matese said: "The Microsoft Band is ready to be a big part of your health story - it is your coach which helps get you to the start line, it is your pacer who helps you train and race, it's your personal assistant who helps you stay on top of your day-to-day life and work."