Charlotte Church to pen open letter apology over spitting

Charlotte Church to Pen Open Letter Apology Over Spitting

Singer turned activist Charlotte Church said she will write an open letter on behalf of the People's Assembly to apologise for those who spat at journalists during the anti-austerity protest at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester over the weekend.

She condemned those who committed the abuse and said she will write an open letter of apology to those journalists who were spat at.

Just a "tiny" number of the protesters had engaged in such behaviour at the demonstration, she said.

Ms Church told reporters: "I would never have called anybody scum. I think that it is fundamentally unhelpful in the issues we're trying to talk about and name-calling is never a good thing.

"Whoever the person who got spat in the face, I'm sure it was a horrible experience.

"I plan to write an open letter on behalf of the majority of people who were protesting that day just to say we are really sorry, this isn't what it's about, just to represent the rest of the people who were there who would never act like that."

Conservative delegate egged

Several journalists report they had been spat at outside the conference centre in the city, though it was made clear that those responsible were a minority by police, reports ITV News.

Alongside the spitting incidents yesterday, a young Conservative delegate was egged by activists as he made his way to the conference in Manchester.

Police say that the crowd of 60,000 was largely good-natured and four arrests were made.

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