Police urge mother of baby found in cardboard box to come forward

Police are appealing for the mother of a baby found in a cardboard box in Northamptonshire to come forward.

The baby, wrapped in a blue blanket, was discovered at about 9am on Monday by a member of the public who heard a noise coming from the box in Ibsen Walk, Corby.

The infant is believed to be between three and six weeks old.

Detective Superintendent Steve Lingley said: "I want to appeal directly to the mother of the little baby who was found outside a house in Corby on Monday. Your baby is safe and is being well cared for.

"I know you may feel you are in a very difficult position and I know it must have been incredibly difficult to have left your baby.

"But please get in touch with us - we want to make sure you are all right."

The mother, or anyone who has any information about her or the baby, can contact the police by calling 101.