Google unveils new Nexus smartphones and Pixel C tablet

Google has confirmed the upcoming launch of two new smartphones from its Nexus line, as well as a tablet called the Pixel C.

The Nexus 5X has been made by LG, and comes with a 5.2in screen, updating the Nexus 5 - one of the firm's most popular devices.

Google also announced the Nexus 6P, a larger smartphone made by Chinese firm Huawei, with a 5.7in ultra high definition screen. 

The 5X will start at £339 while the 6P will start at £449, with pre-orders beginning on Tuesday, Google confirmed. 

The technology giant also confirmed a new version of its Chromecast streaming device, as well as a new version that plugs into home stereo systems called Chromecast Audio. This will enable users to stream music from a mobile device through their home speakers. 

The Pixel C is the first time Google has built a tablet itself, and comes with a full-size keyboard.

Apple recently launched the iPad Pro, a tablet that also comes with its own keyboard. Though only a sneak peek was offered, Google confirmed the tablet will be available later this year.

Google's Dave Burke called the 5X an update to the "much loved" and "iconic" Nexus 5 released in 2013. 

The larger 6P is the first Google smartphone to have a full metal body, and a 12.3 megapixel rear-facing camera. It also has Nexus Imprint, a fingerprint scanner, built into the back of the phone. 

Both phones will run Google's latest version of the Android operating system, Marshmallow, which has improved battery life on devices by up to 30%, Google claims.  

The host of announcements is the latest in a busy month for the technology industry, after new smartphones from Apple, Huawei and Sony, as well as smartwatches from LG and Apple's latest version of the iPad, the iPad Pro. 

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