Sanctions against four British jihadis as Government tackles IS recruitment


Some of the most notorious British jihadis have been hit with international sanctions in a bid by the Government to stem the flow of home-grown Islamic State recruits.

Four men and women suspected of leading recruitment drives and plotting terror attacks against the UK and elsewhere from strongholds in Syria have been added to a United Nations list.

The four are Omar Hussain from High Wycombe, Nasser Muthana from Cardiff, Aqsa Mahmood from Glasgow and Sally Jones from Chatham, in Kent.

It is the first time the UK has submitted the names of the worst offenders among the around 700 thought to have travelled out to the region to join the Islamist extremists.

Some are believed to be holed-up in the extremist-held Syrian city of Raqqa - where two militants were killed in an RAF drone strike in August.