William enjoys risque joke with Battle of Britain veteran


The Duke of Cambridge was told a risque joke by a Battle of Britain veteran as he marked the 75th anniversary of the aerial conflict by taking to the skies.

Wearing a flying suit, helmet and mask William took the front seat in a Chipmunk training aircraft during a visit to the home of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF).

Before taxiing and taking off , with a pilot behind him, the Duke had spent time with Second World War RAF veterans surrounded by iconic Spitfire and Hurricanes kept in the air by the BBMF.

Former Spitfire flier Ken Wilkinson, who was one of the Battle of Britain pilots famously dubbed the "few" by wartime leader Winston Churchill chatted to William and asked if he had flown in his old aircraft.

Prince Harry has piloted the famous plane and William replied "my brother's been up in one and I'm dying to do it".

Mr Wilkinson could not help adding mischievously adding "I'm under instruction not to tell dirty stories", and the Duke asked him to tell the story.

Later the former wartime pilot recounted his story about a man called Joe who becomes the captain of his golf club and insists on only being referred to by his new title at a dinner where he receives his honour.

Mr Wilkinson said at the end of the event the man went home, got undressed and as he got into bed with his wife announced himself as the "captain" and she replies "You have to be quick, Joe will be home soon".