Tim Farron: David Cameron taking 'inhuman' approach to migration crisis


David Cameron has been accused by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron of taking an "inhuman" approach to the European migration crisis.

In a strongly worded attack Mr Farron condemned the "dehumanising" language used by the Prime Minister and criticised the Government's response to the situation.

The Lib Dem leader said Mr Cameron's refusal to co-operate with European partners on a resettlement scheme was "turning our back" on our neighbours on the continent.

Speaking at a refugee art project in Poole, Mr Farron condemned the Government's plan to accept 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years.

He said: "It is certainly not right that over a period of five years we end up accepting as many people as Germany is taking in a weekend.

"Not only does that mean that we are showing an inhuman face to desperate people who deserve and need help, but we also show a completely uncollegiate face to the rest of Europe.

"If you look at what is happening in the Balkans now, that is an example and it's the outcome of the European Union not having a single approach to all of this."