Sturgeon: Wrong to rule out new Scotland indepencence vote indefinitely


Ruling out another vote on independence indefinitely would be "wrong", Scotland's First Minister has insisted.

Nicola Sturgeon said she respected the result of last year's historic ballot, which saw Scotland vote to remain part of the UK.

But exactly a year after that poll, she told David Cameron he is "living on borrowed time" as she spoke about the prospect of a second independence referendum.

While the Prime Minister said it was "time to move on" from last year's ballot, promising action to ensure the Scottish Parliament is a permanent part of the UK's political landscape, Ms Sturgeon told an audience in Edinburgh: "We respect last year's result.

"It would be wrong to propose another referendum without a fundamental change of circumstances or a strong indication that a significant number of those who voted No last year had changed their minds.

"But it would also be wrong - in the face of a clear and material shift in circumstances or in public opinion - for any one politician or party to rule out another referendum indefinitely.

"Because the key principle is democracy. Politicians can propose and campaign. But only the people can decide."

She added: "Only the people can decide if we will have another referendum.

"Only the people can decide when that will be.

"And only the people can decide if Scotland will become independent."