Trade union reforms are bid to 'dominate ordinary people' - Chakrabarti


Ministers are trying to "dominate" ordinary people through the Government's controversial trade union reforms, a civil rights leader will warn.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of civil rights group Liberty, will tell the TUC Congress there was a link between the proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act and the Trade Union Bill, which introduces thresholds for strike ballots, restrictions on picketing and changes to union funds.

She will tell the Brighton conference: "The new Trade Union Bill and the imminent threat to the Human Rights Act represent an ideological attack on rights and freedoms that must have Disraeli and Churchill spinning in their graves.

"Forcing dissenters to wear armbands? Forcing them to register with the police? Has this Government no history? Has it no imagination?

"These attempts to divide, rule and dominate ordinary people in different sectors of the economy and different parts of the world are neither democratic nor Conservative."

Unions have pledged to campaign against the Bill, which received its Second Reading in the Commons on Monday.

Protests and demonstrations will be held, including a huge rally outside the Conservative Party's annual conference next month.

Unions are also planning a day of co-ordinated action, and have warned of legal and industrial action to defeat the Bill.