Jeremy Corbyn to ditch 'yah-boo sucks' politics at PMQs clash with David Cameron

Jeremy Corbyn: A Kinder, Gentler Labour Party Leader?

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he will try to avoid "yah-boo sucks" politics when he takes on David Cameron for the first time at PMQs.

The Labour leader said he did not expect the Commons session - seen as a crucial early test of his mettle and radical approach - would be "easy".

But he said he would attempt to "speak up for ordinary people".

The comments, in an interview with Sky News, came shortly before he entered the chamber for the highly-anticipated showdown.

"I want things to be rather different because I think the public as a whole have had enough of 'yah-boo sucks' politics, theatrical politics. That is what I am going to try and bring to PMQs today," Mr Corbyn said.

"It is going to be interesting. I don't expect it is going to be easy. But then our job is to hold government to account, our job is to speak up for ordinary people all over the country and the day to day problems they are facing in their lives.

"That is the function of Parliament, it is not a club, it should not be a club. I will try to treat it with the respect that it deserves."

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