Homeowner's shock as webcam catches out nosey repair man

'Something told me to put my camera on'


Man Stunned By What He Caught Maintance Worker Doing In His Apartment

Letting builders or repair men into your home is largely based on trust... that they will do their job and not go through your drawers and personal belongings.

For one North Carolina man, his computer's webcam captured a maintenance worker doing exactly that.

Stewart Bryant, from Burlington, allowed the worker into his apartment to fix his shower while he was at work.

He said: "I knew that I had maintenance coming over and I knew I wasn't going to be here because I had to go to work. I felt very uneasy. Something told me to just put my camera on."

His instincts were proved right as his camera caught him up to no good rather than getting on with his work.

"There he was. The maintenance guy. He went through every drawer, all my personal belongings, he was all over my computer."

In the video, the man is even seen sitting on the bed and sucking on the homeowner's electronic cigarette.

Difficult to press charges

Bryant, who lives with his wife and two children, added: "My wife she isn't sleeping. I'm up trying to make sure nobody comes back to my home. All of this has really disturbed us extremely."

The man has now been fired from his job, but local attorney Lisa Lanier says Bryant unfortunately may have trouble pressing charges.

She said: "Unfortunately for the victim here, a lot of times district attorneys are unable to prosecute a crime like this one because it doesn't fit squarely and neatly into trespass law. Although I believe a trespass was committed."

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