'Firenado' erupts on lake filled with bourbon

Firenado After Lightning Strike at Jim Beam Warehouse

In what sounds like a disaster B-movie mash-up, a raging fire and a tornado joined forces to wreak devastation at a warehouse filled with bourbon.

A perfect storm of lightning, wind, water and alcohol came together to create an incredible 'firenado' at the Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky.

The towering firenado erupted after lightning struck the warehouse, and 800,000 gallons of the alcoholic drink spilled into a retention pond and went up in flames.

Exactly the right conditions have to occur for this rare event to happen. A body of water with a flammable substance on the surface and weather conditions that whip the fire into a funnel.

Luckily, the pond kept the fire from spreading and eventually it was put out. However, a nearby creek was contaminated and many fish were killed.

The company paid state authorities nearly $27,000 in clean-up costs for this booze-fuelled spectacle.

Climate change may make these events more common

Firenados, or 'fire whirls' as they used to be known, can reach as high as 100 feet into the air. There could be more instances of the potentially deadly phenomena in the future with climate change increasing the likelihood of extreme weather, including both tornadoes and fires.

The video could well be uncomfortable viewing for lovers of the historic beverage. Jim Beam, based in Clermont, Kentucky, is one of the best-selling bourbon whiskey producers in the world. The company have been making the fiery drink since the late 1700s.

Amazing Spectacle of Fire

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