Twitter feed to document anti-Islamic State fight

Ministers have deployed a new weapon to combat Islamic State (IS) - a dedicated Twitter feed.

The @UKAgainstISIL account promises "updates on the UK Government's ongoing work" to defeat the terrorist group.

Since it was activated yesterday, there have been four tweets - including a link to a video arguing that Britain is playing a "leading role in the global coalition".

The footage says the UK is taking action such as "militarily removing territory from Isil" and "cutting off Isil finances".

UK forces have been carrying out airstrikes against IS - also known as Isil or Daesh - in Iraq, but MPs have not approved involvement in raids on the group's Syrian bases.

Speculation has been growing that David Cameron could stage a vote on extending military involvement when parliament returns from its summer break.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "The UK is playing an integral part in the Global Coalition's continued efforts to defeat ISIL on all fronts.

"Our new Twitter account @UKAgainstISIL has been created to inform and engage the UK public on what action the UK Government and its partners in the Global Coalition are taking to defeat this brutal terrorist group."