Schedule changes to bank holiday air shows

A host of air shows will take place over the bank holiday weekend with alterations to their schedules in the wake of the Shoreham plane disaster.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) banned vintage jets from carrying out high-energy acrobatics over land, following the deadly crash in West Sussex.

The CarFest South event in Hampshire cancelled its air display programme, but other shows are going ahead with some alterations.

Wings and Wheels in Dunsfold, Surrey, is taking place on Saturday and Sunday but two planes, a MiG15 and a Jet Provost, will be restricted to only performing flypasts.

Dartmouth Royal Regatta in Devon will go ahead with its air display, but the routine of a Strikemaster jet has been amended.

A spokesman for the show said: ''We have spoken to the pilot.

"Because (the CAA) are classing Dartmouth as over land he cannot perform high-energy manoeuvres.

''He's going to slow everything down and not do any acrobatics.

''We're very happy to comply with any restrictions the Civil Aviation Authority put in after the horrific accident.

''Until we find out more I think verging on the side of caution is very fair.''

Meanwhile, organisers of the Little Gransden Air and Car show in Cambridgeshire said this weekend's flying display would go ahead although a display by a Hawker Hunter - the model of plane involved in the Shoreham crash - had been replaced by a Yak-11.

Officials are discussing plans for the appearance of a Vulcan, although it is not a vintage jet so is unaffected by the CAA's new regulations.

The CarFest South air display has been cancelled, although a flypast by the Gnat Display team honouring pilot Kevin Whyman, who died during a display at CarFest North on August 1, is still due to go ahead on Saturday afternoon.

Organisers of the event, created by TV and radio presenter Chris Evans, said the decision was a mark of respect but also took into consideration the CAA review.

Clacton Airshow said its two-day event, which takes place entirely over sea, was signed off by the CAA with no changes to the schedule.

The event commentator will be making a public announcement before the flying display begins.

Nigel Brown, communications manager for Tendring District Council, which organises the event, said: "The decision is to have the commentator pay tribute to all those who died - or were affected in other ways - by what happened at Shoreham."

The Rhyl Air Show will take place on Saturday and Sunday with no changes to its schedule.

The show's flight director, Mike Wood, said the majority of the event was performed over sea "which provides a natural safety margin".

He added that the only element flying over the crowd would be the Red Arrows, who will be in their traditional high altitude and level, stable formation.

However, one event, SkyLive Airshow, at Durham Tees Valley Airport, County Durham, has been put back to next May.

The event, which had been due to go ahead on Saturday, has been rescheduled for May 28, organisers said.

Chris Petty of Skylive said: "We had put together an excellent programme of events, but clearly the tragedy at Shoreham has forced us to consider very carefully whether it would be right to go ahead."

Durham Tees Valley Airport manager Shaun Woods said "Safety always has to be our primary concern and we feel the best course of action is to await the outcome of the CAA review and any further measures that may be considered necessary."

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