Jamie Oliver: Migrant workers are vital for my businesses


Jamie Oliver has waded into the row over immigration - saying if it was not for workers from abroad "every one of my businesses would close tomorrow".

The celebrity chef, whose restaurant chain Jamie's Italian has branches all over the country, admitted many fear immigration has gone "bonkers".

But he told Channel 4 News Britain needs migrants to staff its hospitals, restaurants and other businesses reliant on foreign labour.

His comments come as new figures show net migration reached a record high of 330,000 people in the year ending in March.

Asked about immigration, Oliver said: "You want good people that want to work hard come in - whether it is chefs or nurses or doctors, but of course we are all frightened at the moment that it's gone bonkers.

"But I'm no expert."

He added: "If it wasn't for people outside this country every one of my businesses would close tomorrow."