Dublin Airport flights resume after hangar fire

No one was injured in the maintenance facility blaze


Flight operations have resumed at Dublin Airport after a fire broke out in a hangar.

No one was injured in the blaze which broke out in a maintenance facility at the airport shortly after 7am, forcing the runways to be closed.

Despite initial warnings that flights in and out of Dublin could be delayed by several hours, possibly up to midday, air traffic controllers were preparing to clear backlogs before 9am.

The fire broke out in the roof of hangar three towards the rear of the airport grounds and it was contained in just over an hour.

"The fire was in a hangar in a restricted area of the airport, which is separate from the passenger facilities," the airport said.

Passengers affected by the delays in and out of Dublin were advised to check with airlines to confirm departures and arrivals as operations resumed again at about 8.45am.

Several crews from the airport's own emergency teams and Dublin Fire Brigade were tasked to contain the fire.

Two planes were inside the unit at the time, both short-haul 146 aircraft known as Whisper jets, one of which was believed to have been operated by CityJet.

Fire chiefs reported that the blaze had been contained by about 8.15am.

"All flight operations were suspended because all emergency services have been brought to fight the fire and as a result if something happens on the airfield the fire cover is not available. This is standard procedure," the spokeswoman said.

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