Mobile phone explodes as motorcyclist refuels at garage

Police issue warning to phone users

Phone Explodes During Motorcycle Fill-Up at Gas Station

An man had a lucky escape after his mobile phone exploded while he was at a petrol station in Hyderabad, India refuelling his motorbike.

In the CCTV footage motorbike riders can be seen coming in and out of the forecourt with some stopping to fill up. A biker then rides in to the garage and goes to the opposite side of the pump from where the attendant is already filling up another tank.

The biker, wearing a white shirt, can be seen reaching for his mobile phone as he sits on his bike waiting for the server.

Suddenly, the phone explodes turning his motorcycle into a fireball. Luckily the fire did not spread to the petrol pumps. The man managed to bravely drag the burning bike away from danger.

Police warning

Hyderabad City Police released the footage with a warning: "Don't use cell phones when you are at petrol pumps."

But some of the police's Facebook friends have rubbished the force's claims, reports the Daily Mirror.

Guarav Jain said: "Dear Hyderabad Police, I really hope you use better sense when investigating real crimes than when posting warning videos.

"Cell phones don't lead to fires. This is def a issue of fuel spill on what is a hot exposed engine."

And Parveen Krishnan agrees: "Why does Hyderabad police think it's due to a cell phone when it's well established that this is a myth? Cell phones do NOT cause accidents at gas stations. Never have. Not once."

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