Dublin 'cheapest city for cultural breaks'


Dublin is now the cheapest city for culture vultures, according to a new report.

The Irish capital is cheaper than Prague, Budapest and Warsaw for holidaymakers looking to enjoy a more refined break.

The same is not true of London, which worked out almost four times pricier than Dublin, making it the Europe's most expensive city for culture.

The findings are from the Post Office Travel Money report, which compares the total cost of visiting six cultural attractions: a museum, an art gallery, a heritage attraction, the ballet, the opera, and a classical concert.

Taking in these sites in Dublin would cost just £76, which is 25% cheaper than a year ago.

The same six outings in London would set travellers back £287.50, up 12.5% on last year.

Paris was marginally cheaper at £247.64, while New York was by far the most expensive at £491.73.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: "Last year we were advising holidaymakers to head east to Warsaw, Budapest and Prague for the lowest-priced highbrow break.

"Now Dublin has leapfrogged all three and looks a great bargain, especially as flights to the Irish capital are shorter and such good value too."

In total, the Post Office analysed the costs of 17 cities.