Diner Alan Miller finds pub lunch a great yolk


A diner was delighted to find his pub lunch of ham, egg and chips featured both a double yolker and a triple yolker. 

Alan Miller expected the usual two yolks on his plate when he ordered the dish at The Gloucester Old Spot in Kellaway Avenue, Bristol.

But when the independent pub's chefs cracked open the pair they were stunned to discover five yolks hidden inside.

The eggs were fried in a pan before being carefully placed on top of chunky chips and Wiltshire ham, with mixed leaves and pineapple chutney on the side.

Mr Miller later bought all the staff at the pub a drink to celebrate the unusual boost to his £9.25 lunch.

Pub owner Amy Devenish told the Press Association: "It was a really busy day yesterday as the sun was out and we have just won Best Pub Food at the Bristol Good Food Awards.

"The boys in the kitchen started frantically ringing the bell so we went in to find out what was up.

"They said 'have a look at this, it's a triple yolker'. We couldn't believe it, we've never seen one of those before.

"I took a snap on my phone and then once the ham, egg and chips was plated up I took it out to the table.

"The old boy, who I have found out is called Alan Millar, was so excited as he'd never seen one before."

He was shouting over to his kids to tell them to come and have a look at it.

"He actually bought all the staff a drink later on, I think it was his first time in the pub."

The pictures were posted on the pub's Facebook page, where they quickly attracted hundreds of 'likes', yesterday.

The pub, which opened its doors in September 2014, uses free range Cotswold Legbar blue eggs from Le Chasse in Zeals, Wiltshire.

"They taste great," Miss Devenish added.