David Cameron reiterates pledge for no third term as Prime Minister


David Cameron has insisted he will keep his promise not to seek a third term as Prime Minister as he marked 100 days of the first majority Conservative Government since 1997.

The Prime Minister said a decade is a "good long time" to be in Number 10 following suggestions he was under pressure to stay on as Tory leader and premier.

He marked the passing of 100 days since his return to Downing Street with a vow that all schools will be given the chance to convert to academy status.

Asked about his future, the Prime Minister told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I stand absolutely by what I said. Ten years is a good long time to be Prime Minister and I stand by what I said.

"But I've got plenty to get on with, it's a full manifesto, a strong mandate for it and ... 100 days in I think people can see we are delivering the things we said we would - a tax-free minimum wage, more apprenticeships, capping welfare, making work pay. I think it's been a strong start."