'Moist' tops list of women's six most hated words

Experts asked 500 women which words make them squirm

'Moist' Tops List of Women's 6 Most Hated Words
Experts have revealed exactly which words make women squirm in disgust - and 'moist' tops the list.

The word, with its connotations of oozing and bodily fluids, has long been considered one of the worst in the English language - and now a study has proved it.

The experts asked 500 women what they thought were the world's most unpleasant words and revealed five more words that women find offensive to the ear.

The top six, in order, were: Moist, squirt, panties, chunky, curd and flap.

While some of the words had unpleasant sounds, most of the aversions are because the words bring up bad sexual connotations.

"The common denominator seems to be disgust, either toward bodily functions or sex," Paul Thibodeau, a language psychologist at Oberlin College, said.

'Moist', at 77 per cent was not surprisingly the most unanimously loathed.

'Moist' Facebook page

There's even a Facebook group called 'I Hate the Word Moist' which boasts nearly 7,000 followers, and in a recent Mississippi State University poll, 'moist' was named as one the ugliest words in the English language.

In fact, the word is so despised that scientists have searched for a reason why.

Thibodeau and his fellow researchers initially believed that it was the hard '-oist' sound that provoked disgusted reactions, but they noted in a 2014 study that participants did not have the same response to rhyming words such as 'hoist' or 'foist'.

Experts found that participants especially hated the word when it followed vulgar sexual words, but were less disgusted when it came after food-related words, such as cake.

Coming closely behind, at 68 per cent, was 'squirt', reports the Daily Mirror. Just over half of the women polled - 54 per cent - put 'panties' at the top of their list.