Judge threatens Lord Janner arrest as peer avoids court over sex abuse claims


A judge has warned that Lord Janner could face arrest as she vowed to resolve the row over whether the peer should appear in court to face historic child abuse charges.

Lord Janner had been ordered to attend Westminster Magistrates' Court this morning but failed to appear, with his defence team again insisting he was too ill because of his advanced dementia.

His lawyer Paul Ozin said the options were a video link from Janner's home or a link from a court building, but he said arrangements had been made for Janner's attendance in person if necessary.

District Judge Emma Arbuthnot told the lawyer: "Even if I have to have him arrested I am going to resolve this matter today.

"I'm warning you that as time progresses I'm going to turn to the prosecution and say lets get a warrant to have him arrested. Let's not waste time."

She added that Janner's appearance "must be done in a humane way. I feel very strongly of that."