Parasail rope snaps sending two British tourists crashing to earth

Brother and sister blown inland during terrifying ordeal in Malta

Parasail Rope Snaps During Windy Storm
Two British holidaymakers are lucky to be alive after a terrifying paragliding accident in Malta.

Anthony Nisbet, 20, and his 17-year-old sister Grace had just been launched into the air over the northern Mellieha Bay, Ghadira, when a freak storm hit.

Footage of the accident shows Anthony and Grace hanging helplessly from their parasail, as the summer storm wreaked havoc below them.

Beach-goers can be seen rushing to the aid of the boat that was being battered by strong winds and waves, and had been pushed dangerously close to the beach.

But onlookers were stunned when the storm tore through the rope keeping Anthony and Grace attached to the boat below them.

"We didn't immediately realise the danger when we were up there," Anthony said. "We were joking around about the bit in Jurassic Park when the paraglider detaches from the boat.

"We were more worried about the people down in the boat than us. Then the rope snapped and I kept shouting to me sister to try to land on her feet."

Pair lucky to escape with bruises

After the rope broke, the pair were swept inland by the strong winds. They were lucky to escape with just a few bruises and scratches after landing in a field of bushes.

Anthony added that watching the footage, recorded by resident Ivan Brincat, of the incident was "surreal".

Godfrey Bartolo, one of the directors of Oh Yeah Cruises and Water Sports, said that he has never seen anything like it in the 28 years he has been in the business.

Mr Bartolo was in the boat when a strong gust of wind smashed into them, blowing them off course, reports the Daily Mail.