Glitch forces Sir Tom Jones fans to take the green, green path to home


Furious fans of Sir Tom Jones have demanded their money back after a concert costing up to £95 a ticket was cut short.

Promoters of the outdoor concert at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland on Saturday night blamed an "unforeseen major technical issue", but people at the gig took to social media to say it ended early because of a second power cut.

People had paid £45 for tickets, with the VIP section costing £95, but were not allowed to bring in food or drink. And when the power failed, they said they had to make their way out of the field in darkness.

Fans said Sir Tom, star of the BBC show The Voice, sang some of his hits but could not perform his full set when the power failed.

Event organisers Loose Cannon wrote a brief statement on their Facebook page, which said: "This evening's performance with Tom Jones was unexpectedly cut short as a result of an unforeseen major technical issue.

"This is currently being investigated by independent experts, and we hope to be able to provide further information as and when it becomes available."

In response, Phil Mawson from Seaham, County Durham, wrote on the Loose Cannon page: "I'm afraid technical issues doesn't cover it.

"The entire planning and management of the event was poor in the extreme."

Jane Richards Henry said: "I await my FULL refund!!

"Tonight was a complete joke from start to finish! A birthday present ruined!"

Linda Hood said: "The children at the local infant school would've made a better job of organising the event!

"Immensely disappointed, Sir Tom was fabulous for the short time he was on stage.

"I know it won't happen, but I'd rather they re organised the event for another date rather than getting a refund.....if we get one!!!!!"

Jiffy Fowler wrote: "Full refund please we paid to see Tom Jones not The Shadows!!!"

On Twitter, user @Jinny_Tonix messaged Sir Tom's account, saying: "really Tom, we love you, but.. . Spent a lot of ££££ to book into a N'thland hotel to see you only to be cut short due to a delay because of a power out-age... Gutted #cryingrightnow."

And Jane Hedley wrote to Sir Tom, saying: "What a shame that someone didn't do their job properly. You were fabulous though - gutted for you."