She's Iran's best Wushu fighter, but no one knows it

Elahe's battles not restricted to the sports arena

She's Iran's Best Fighter, but No One Knows It
Elahe is a talented Wushu fighter from Iran who, despite a life of poverty, has battled her way to multiple medals.

But, government restrictions on travel may keep her from realising her Olympic dreams.

Wushu is a competitive sport combining a variety of traditional Chinese martial arts. Elahe says: "I think I'm the best Wushu fighter in Iran and maybe even the world."

After her impoverished upbringing working on a farm, she wanted to find an escape from her life which she describes as "below the poverty line", to find a sport she could earn money from.

She took up Wushu with her sisters and soon qualified for the national team. She went on to take part in the Asian games and won her country's first ever Wushu medal at the games.

With her prize money she rented an apartment and moved her family there.

Olympic dream

She was then invited to fight for China's Chan Chung Club. But Iran's government wanted her to pay them $70,000 as collateral before allowing her to travel abroad for competitions, fearing she would not return.

Elahe says: "I told the officials that my whole city, even if they sold every building, is worth less than that.

"I want to win a gold medal in a world competition. Wushu was accepted as an Olympic sport at the 2020 games in Tokyo. I would love to experience it."

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