Jeremy Corbyn addresses mass London rally as Labour leadership contest heats up


Jeremy Corbyn has staged a mass rally in north London which saw activists pour onto the street as he presses on in the Labour leadership contest.

The left-wing campaigner addressed activists who could not get into his event from the top of a fire engine outside the Camden Centre, shortly before speaking at a packed rally which spilled over into several rooms.

Mr Corbyn's continuing surge in the battle to replace Ed Miliband has seen some install him as favourite but it has also sparked deep division among Labour MPs.

Pre-race front runner Andy Burnham was set to place cutting train fares for part-time workers at the heart of his leadership manifesto as the contest continued through the summer break.

The leadership battle, which Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall are also contesting, is due to conclude on September 12.

In a 30-minute speech made without notes, Mr Corbyn told activists: "After September 12, whatever the result, don't go away and say that was a good summer 2015 ... stay together to defend what we have got but above all, stay together to bring about a country that doesn't thrive on inequality and injustice and poverty.

"That voice cannot be silenced. That voice cannot be stopped. That power cannot be denied - together we are very strong. The alternative of staying home and shouting at the television will achieve absolutely nothing."

In his forthcoming manifesto Mr Burnham will say: "We need to tackle the inequalities that stifle growth and productivity by preventing women from reaching their full potential in the workplace.

"Both mothers and fathers have to juggle caring responsibilities and work, but it is women that bear much of the cost of this daily struggle.

"As Labour leader, I will argue for better support for Britain's part-time workers."