What is the world Googling about your country?

How much a vasectomy costs in New Zealand among popular searches

What Is the World Googling About Your Country?
Thanks to Google's autocomplete function, we can now find out what people want to know about your country.

A global map has been put together which used the autocomplete results in Google when people around the world searched for: 'How much does (X object) cost in (X country)'.

By finding out what people wanted to know the cost of and in which country, the map confirms some stereotypes, such as that people want to eat croissants in France and ride camels in Egypt.

But it also shows some surprising requests. People are interested in the price of watermelons in Japan, Panama hats in Ecuador and how much it costs to fly a MiG fighter jet in Russia.

People are most interested in the cost of a passport or patent in North America, while for Europe popular searches include how much it costs to study in the UK, the price of a BMW in Germany and a Rolex in Switzerland.

The price of IVF is a major concern in Australia

Searches for Africa are most concerned with daily necessities such as food and livestock in the form of camels, cows and goats.

South America's party atmosphere may be echoed in Google searches, because beer, prostitutes and coke – it's not specified which kind – is in demand according to web searches.

The cost of IVF treatment is a popular search for Australia, and so is how much a vasectomy costs in New Zealand.

But some strange search results have also come to light all across the world – such as the cost of slaves in Mauritania, buying a kidney in Iran, Rhinoplasy in South Korea and prostitutes in Brazil, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Latvia, reports the Daily Mail.