World champion bodybuilder comes out as transgender

Powerlifter reveals gender change in Facebook post

Bodybuilder Matt Kroczaleski Comes Out As Transgender, Living As Both A Man
One famous bodybuilder no longer has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Matt 'Kroc' Kroczaleski has come out publicly as transgender and has adopted the name Janae Marie Kroc - but is still living in both genders and has not fully transitioned from male to female.

A former Marine, dad-of-three Matt served from 1991 until 1995 and was selected for Presidential Security duty serving under President Clinton.

But although his career since then has seen him working on his body - his website tagline is 'Getting as big and as strong as inhumanly possible...' - the athlete took to Facebook this week to post an emotional and personal message to his followers.

"There has obviously been a great deal of gossip, rumours and questions about me the past few days. To put them to rest: yes, I am transgender/gender fluid.

"First, I would like to be clear that I had planned to wait until my sons were out of high school before I became openly public about this. As that no longer is an option, I will address it now.

"I have been very open about this for many years among my family, close friends, and in the powerlifting community, but I realise for many of you this has been a huge shock."

Facing life's challenges

Kroczaleski added: "This is something that I have been dealing with my entire life and has been extremely difficult for me. In fact, it even drove me to consider suicide at one point."

Cancer survivor Matt was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2004 and he has also sustained injuries including a torn left calf and has also suffered numerous back injuries during his career.

The new Janae Marie Instagram page which the Facebook post mentions has a biography which lists Janae as 'Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male/girly girl; Lesbian in a male body; Single at the moment'.

The reaction online has been of absolute shock, but the support from fans has also been impressive, reports the Daily Mirror.