Pink pigeons spotted in Manchester

Mystery yet to be solved

Pink Pigeons Being Spotted All Over the UK
People are sharing photos of pigeons on social media that look like they have been dyed pink.

Shoppers in Stockport were left baffled after spotting one of the shocking pink birds.

The brightly coloured bird appears to have had half its feathers dyed hot pink - but the reason behind it is a mystery, reports the Daily Mirror.

Wes Charnock, 33, spotted the bird as he walked through the town centre with his sons yesterday in Stockport.

He posted pictures of it online - with people speculating it could have been dyed to be released at a wedding, or could be a racing pigeon given a distinctive marking by its owner.

Mystery deepens

Charnock said: "I was just walking through Stockport town centre with my kids to buy sausage rolls when we spotted it and they wanted to feed it so it could have something for tea.

"It was outside St Mary's Church and seemed really tame. It didn't walk away from us like most pigeons do, it was happy to stand a few feet away.

"It did seem tired, so I thought it might have been in a race but I've never seen a pigeon dyed pink before.

"I posted pictures online to see what people thought, and they have been suggesting it was used in a wedding or is a racing pigeon."