Manchester Royal Infirmary A&E reopens

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The accident and emergency department at Manchester Royal Infirmary which was forced to close because of two suspected cases of Middle Eastern Respiratory Virus Syndrome (Mers) has reopened.

The two patients continue to be monitored while they await their test results for the potentially deadly Sars-like virus, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said.

Public Health England said the risk to the public "remains very low" following the outbreak of the virus in the Middle East in 2012.

A spokesperson said: "This afternoon, we confirmed that we are currently investigating two patients for suspected Middle Eastern Respiratory Virus Syndrome – Coronavirus Infection (Mers-CoV).

"Both patients were isolated for on-going management of their condition while tests took place. One patient has now been relocated to North Manchester General. Results of the tests are still pending.

"Manchester Royal Infirmary A&E is now open to the public.

"We would like to reassure our patients and the general public that there is no significant risk to public health."

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