One of world's largest cruise ships catches fire in Jamaica

Crew member suffers first degree burns

One of World's Largest Cruise Ships Catches Fire in Jamaica
A fire broke out on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Wednesday as it approached Jamaica, burning one crew member and causing passengers to be sent to evacuation stations with life jackets, reports the Daily Mail.

Royal Caribbean International said fire suppression equipment quickly doused the blaze in a mechanical area of the Freedom of the Seas as it arrived at the Miami-based company's cruise ship port in the northern town of Falmouth.

"The fire was not very big and none of the visitors had to be evacuated,' Jamaica Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeill said.

However, despite the fire apparently being contained, video taken at the scene shows a giant plume of grey smoke appearing to come from one of the upper decks.

The video, taken from the Falmouth pier, showed the plume of smoke billowing from a section of the towering 15-deck ship as it arrived at the port.

Crew member treated

The ship can accommodate 3,634 passengers and 1,300 crew, however it is unclear how many were onboard at the time.

One crew member was treated for a first-degree burn, but Royal Caribbean did not immediately provide more information about the injured employee.

The company said all passengers were accounted for and none were injured. The passengers were told to go to their assembly stations.

By early afternoon, the passengers were able to "leave the ship to enjoy Falmouth," the company said on Twitter.

The 1,112-foot Freedom of the Seas is on a seven-night cruise that departed from Port Canaveral, Florida, on Sunday.