Female teacher who had sex with teen students sentenced to 22 years

Critics slam harsh penalty

Teacher Who Had Sex With Multiple Students Sentenced
Former teacher Jennifer Fichter has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for having multiple sexual relationships with students.

People around the world have rallied together against what they see as a harsh penalty.

Fichter, 30, tearfully pleaded with the court as she was handed the sentence at Polk County Court in Florida. She has been convicted of 37 counts of unlawful sexual contact with minors.

The court heard that the former English teacher had a sexual relationship with three 17-year-old male students. She became pregnant by one of the boys and had an abortion, reports The Independent.

Fichter was arrested in April 2014 after the mother of one of the victims found sexually inappropriate texts on her son's phone. She contacted the police with her concerns. Fichter was arrested and charged with having sexual contact with the minor.

After hearing about the investigation, two other boys later came forward to inform police about their own ordeals. The teacher was then charged with a total of 37 offences against the three underage pupils.

Handing down the sentence

All of the boys were students at Central Florida Aerospace Academy, where Fichter was a teacher.

Speaking at the sentencing on Thursday, the judge told her: "You're going to have a long time to think about what you did."

In footage of the judgement obtained by Fox News, Fichter can be seen to respond: "I wish I could go back and remove what I have done. I hate what I have done. I wish I could go back and think about them [the victims] before me."