Saved by her selfie stick: Teen swept out to sea

Family's ordeal caught on video

Video Shows Teen Swept to Sea Clinging to Selfie Stick
A Texas family was swept out to sea off the coast of Nantucket in a dangerous rip current - and it was all caught on camera.

Erynn Johns, 16, and her parents were in the ocean vacationing in Nantucket with a GoPro on a selfie stick when a vicious riptide came in and had them fighting for their lives.

The water-proof camera caught Erynn's struggle as she thrashed around, but through it all she did not let go of her selfie stick.

Erynn's mum tried to pull her daughter to shallower water using the stick and the teen finally made it to the beach.

'Never felt that kind of fear'

The drama began when Derrick Johns, his wife and daughter were swimming off Nantucket, Massachusetts, on Tuesday, reports the Huffington Post.

"I inhaled a lot of water ... I just I couldn't breathe under there," Erynn said.

Her dad, a former Marine, grabbed the other end of the selfie stick to keep her head above the water. She made it to shore and volunteers rescued her parents from the waves.

"I did a few tours overseas with the Marines and I never felt that kind of fatigue or fear," Johns said. "I was semi-conscious on the beach and when they put me in the truck, they said my oxygen level was really low."

If you're ever caught in a riptide, don't panic. Float on your back, signal for help and let the current carry you. It likely will quickly weaken, and may even return you to the beach.