Russia's bizarre propaganda military theme park

Russia's Bizarre Propaganda Theme Park
Russian president Vladimir Putin recently opened Patriot Park, a brand new theme park just outside of Moscow.

But it's not the kind of place you might see rollercoasters or your favourite cartoon characters or superheroes - unless they like playing with heavy duty artillery that is.

Because the park is full of tanks, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and surface-to-air missiles. Visitors will be able to ride in the tanks, shoot guns and play extreme sports.

There will be battle reconstructions of some of the most famous victories in Russian and Soviet history, and regular displays of military hardware and training opportunities.

Believe it or not, it's hoped that it will become a place to take the kids.

The park is an attempt to stir up patriotic feeling in Russia's youth amid fears they are becoming disillusioned with the government.

Putin said the theme park would be "an important element in our system of military-patriotic work with young people," reports The Guardian.

Heightened patriotism

The vast military theme park at Kubinka was officially opened by Putin last month at a time of heightened patriotism and military rhetoric in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea last year and subsequent confrontation with the west.

Putin used the event as an opportunity to announce the addition of 40 new intercontinental missiles to Russia's nuclear arsenal this year.

When the Kubinka park is functioning at full capacity it will be able to host tens of thousands of visitors per day.

Hotels and entertainment centres will be opened on the grounds, which should allow families to visit for several days and make a holiday of it.
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