Common myths about the Nazis

10 Myths About the Nazis
Did Hitler really hide a stash of gold? Did he live in South America until the mid-60s? We've all heard the conspiracies about the Nazis, so maybe it's time to separate fact from fiction.

The most famous conspiracy is that Hitler survived the war and lived in Argentina until his death in 1962.

Supposedly the allies allowed him to escape in return for Nazi war technology. This theory seemed to be confirmed earlier this year when an apparent Nazi hide-out was discovered in an Argentinian jungle.

However it tuned out to be the remains of 17th and 18th century settlements.

Sunken treasure

Another popular conspiracy is that Hitler hid a wealth of gold beneath Austria's Lake Toplitz.

Fearing defeat, towards the end of the war a group of Nazis did sink several metal boxes in the lake which, alongside gold, were thought to contain the locations of valuable possessions stolen from victims of the Holocaust.

In 1959, a team of divers uncovered some crates but they were just full of fake currency.

Another popular myth is that Hitler founded the Nazi party. However, he only joined a year after it was founded in 1919.

Finally, all non-Jewish Germans supported Hitler when he took power. But did they? In the 1933 election which saw Hitler become Germany's chancellor, only 43.9 per cent of the country voted for him.

This means that 56.1 per cent resisted his propaganda campaigns which spread anti-Semitic messages and threatened the rise of communism.
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